Frozen Vegetable Soup… An update.

The soup is OK, but it could be better.

When I checked it for seasoning it needed 2 good teaspoons of Marigold, about 3 tablespoons of Touch of Taste Vegetable, and a surprising amount of salt.

This is partly my fault – I still tend to forget the 4.5litre pot needs more flavourings than the 3 litre.

NB: Kallo stock cubes, especially the organic veg version that I tend to use, are quite mild, as is Knorr Touch of Taste which is really a flavouring for gravy, even though I use it for stock

Things I’d change next time (based on the 4.5l pot – if you use a smaller one, adjust accordingly):-

At least 500g of the frozen veg, maybe even the whole pack in the 4.5l pot. I think I’d keep the beans as they are, for the protein content, but that’s a personal need, so feel free to reduce them if you wish.

Better quality bacon – it tasted of nothing. So I’m going to get a decent gammon joint, cook and slice it, and freeze it in portions. The stock will be too salty to use as it is, so I’ll freeze that as cubes and use them as seasoning which will also add flavour as a bonus.

I’d also add tomato purée (tip: to get purée, type pureee; when you correct it the accent will be inserted – much faster than messing with Character Map**). As that’s down to personal taste, I’ll leave it open.

And that’s it. As you can see, the changes – bacon aside – are just addressing a basic lack of flavour, and that’s mainly due to me feeling crappy and not focusing on the size of my pot.


**It works for all letters with accents, but some you’ll have to add to your word processor’s personal dictionary yourself.