Dropped Spoonie…

Many years ago, before I even knew I was a Spoonie – hell, before I’d even heard of Spoonies – I made a major lifestyle change.

I lived alone, then as now, and it was so easy just to get out a clean plate, and cutlery, that eventually I was overwhelmed by washing up. So I though sod this, kept one set of cutlery, and another of crockery, and consigned the rest to a box in a dark corner. This had the advantage that the washing up never piled up, and it imposed the discipline of having to wash up or not eat.

You can’t, by the way, apply this to pots and pans – it depends entirely on what you’re cooking – a chop, or a steak, or sausages, maybe a piece of fish, with spuds, veg, and gravy (yep, even on fish – try it sometime), and you’re looking at 4 pans for just one meal for one person. A meal-in-a-bowl casserole, though, and one pot will do several days meals. Which is one reason that’s mainly what I cook.

It worked very well for, as I say, many years but, of late, I’ve been so ill that to avoid the pain of standing at the sink I’ve dragged out more plates and more cutlery until by today I was swamped by the bloody stuff – all of it unwashed. Which, of course, meant far more pain than I would have had washing one set every day (I have just one meal a day).

So I bit the bullet, buckled down, chugged some Oramorph and spent the day washing dishes. And now I’m in agony – but I have order back in my life.

Many of you will already have thought of this, and done it, and the best advice I can offer you is don’t ever backslide – it’ll only bite you in the arse. And for those to whom it hasn’t occurred, do it soon – it will make your life so very much easier.

And no backsliding applies to you, too.