A state-funded lifestyle…

This should have been published last night, but my connection has been down since around midnight and not long come back.


Lord Freud of Mendacity has been bitching and whining about disabled people having a “lifestyle” funded by the state. A tad ironic as the prick gets £300 a day just for showing up at the Lords.

But, hey, I’m disabled, and I have a lifestyle on the state.

It’s a lifestyle that keeps me confined to a flat with a living room the size of a jail cell, too small to use my wheelchair and no prospect of ever getting anything better (a wheelchair-friendly flat has been promised several times, but has never materialised and I doubt it ever will).

I have left my flat once in the past 4 months,** and only then because a friend took me to a hospital appointment, then I took us both to lunch.

** And, excluding hospital admissions and appointments, less than half a dozen times in the 2 years before that.

I’m housebound mainly due to the 12 separate conditions I suffer from, several of which could kill me tonight if I was really unlucky, while about half are potentially fatal, and partly due to the fact that were I able to go out as much as I’d like to, taxi fares would far exceed my DLA, making it impossible (my GP, for example, is 15 minutes away on foot for a normally fit person – I’d have to get a taxi which would give me little change from a tenner).

Medically, I need a high-protein diet. I would like to be a vegetarian (it’s cheap for a start!), but I’m forced to buy meat in order to get sufficient protein in my one meal a day.

Because additives and contaminants would constitute a risk to my health, when I can I buy organic food. The result of all this is that my weekly grocery bill rarely comes in under £60 though this usually includes some stock for the freezer.

Because of physical constraints I am able to cook at most once a week and often not at all (I write about cooking more than I actually cook), so I cook in bulk for the freezer. The downside is that I can wind up eating the identical meal for a week.

So, yes, Lord Freud, I DO have a lifestyle on the state – you should try it sometime – care to swap? I sincerely doubt that you’d like it, but I could surely use £300 a day.

The entire chronically sick and disabled community could – I’m by no means unique.


5 thoughts on “A state-funded lifestyle…

  1. Good on yer ron I need to add when 2015 vote comes should uk pensioners be worried if the tories get in? I am thinking they may be next on the cuts list.

    • Pensioners (and those of us who are also on DLA), are already targeted for the next tranche of cuts – if these psychopaths get back in. Sadly,there seems to be a good chance that they will if Twitter is any sort of reliable political barometer.

      The feeling among the hard of thinking is that the Left should vote for the Greens. Historically, the Greens couldn’t win an argument, never mind a general election – they have just one MP.

      Labour, under Ed, are Tory Lite, but no-one else (except – god help us all – maybe UKIP), is capable of defeating the Tories and, as I said, that’s by no means guaranteed. What IS guaranteed is not voting Labour will either bring back the Tories with a working majority, or UKIP. Or – and it really doesn’t bear thinking about – a Tory-UKIP coalition!

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