New Recipe On The Way…

Working on a new recipe today unless things take a turn for the worse – already had one bout of pulmonary oedema this morning, so it’s in the lap of whatever malign gods there might be.

If things go to plan, I’m making this.

A fruity and herby venison casserole with shallots, carrot and swede batons, dried sour cherries, dried apricots, frozen redcurrants, rosemary and thyme, and I’m thinking of serving it with slivers of sharp Braeburn apple lightly brushed with date purée and dehydrated (the gravy will, of course, soften the apple somewhat, which is intentional, otherwise the chewiness will jar). Might be overkill but I’ll be doing the apples anyway, so worth a try.

So, watch this space – I’ll publish the full recipe here, tomorrow, depending on how I’m feeling which, right now, is pretty crap (I’m doing this by way of a distraction from the crappiness).


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