UK government shuts down free speech with threats of jail (tabloid newspapers exempted)

I, as a chronically sick and disabled person, have been abused more by this government than by anyone else. When will we see them in jail, Mr. Grayling?

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

When the government ministers or members of the establishment talk about free speech, they don’t mean free speech for plebs like you and me.

As an illustration of this, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has just announced 2 year jail sentences for anyone found to have been dishing out abuse on social media.

But the law will not apply to tabloid newspapers, who dish out abuse on a regular basis – sometimes with tragic consequences?

If the government thinks dishing out abuse online should result in jail, fair enough. But the laws must also apply to newspaper barons too.

What we are seeing now is a concerted effort by the establishment to shut down the free speech of plebs like you and me – with threats of jail – while at the same time allowing tabloid newspaper owners to abuse anyone they want at will.

And as…

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5 thoughts on “UK government shuts down free speech with threats of jail (tabloid newspapers exempted)

  1. before i go any further , i agree wholeheartedly with your last sentence re abuse of disabled (including i will add) those who are unemployed too,. but mainly the sick and disabled……by govt much more than by ordinary people………..however, having read the whole article this refers to it seems to me that this is not on bout us plebs having a go at them(in Westminster, mouthing off etc, its on bout those stupid imbeciles who think they have a right to say what they want to others using the anonymity of a nickname on a social networking site. it has taken a celebrity though to get something done about it after she was verbally abused and threatened with physical violence. i.e. this man was talking of finding her and raping her. well done to her i say.knowing a bit of her background (not just her mums alcoholism or dad being done for shoplifting way back, but lack of confidence, and other things that have happened to her personally), must have taken a lot of guts for her to do this.and put herself on the line as she has its to be hoped other abusers will either stop or get caught. i don’t think that Grayling intends what he is doing to be for any other sort of reason. hes not trying to stop free speech.only hate speech. having said that, i am rather bothered about what it will lead to down the has entered my mind that they might try to use it to stop us all having a go at them lot, or passing on info re marches , past ,present or future (seeing as there is a media blackout for these things),only by passing on photo’s and articles about them can people get the message across that millions are fighting against all these different nasty things the condems have brought in.i hate Grayling as much as the rest of the condem party so I’m not saying this because I’m on his side.i am most definitely not.

    • Just a thought, but you know I didn’t write this? It’s a re-blog.

      There are, though – and I did write about this – already people in jail for this very crime. One woman shouted at Cameron “You have blood on your hands!” or words to that effect, and off to the slammer she went.

  2. yes i know you didn’t write it Ron, was just giving my thoughts on the subject.having read about it elsewhere. yes i do know about that woman. but do YOU think the article was about everyone?do you think there may be undercurrents i am not seeing?i know i’m pretty simple and see things as they appear. not too good at reading between the lines and to be honest i do feel that far too many people do attempt to do the latter and read far too much into something that’s not actually as bad as they fear or not actually there at all. and therefore all in their mind. are we actually in danger for saying cameron is this that or the other,or IDS RTU is an evil so n so?has it REALLY got so bad that we are no longer able to express an opinion on,our frustrations or anger at what they are doing to ordinary people, most of them very vulnerable????
    Mr Micawber said it…and though i am sure you know what i am about to say,i will still say it. the law is an ass (and those changing the laws to suit themselves n to the detriment of anyone with nothing much in their purses are even bigger asses)……………”the law, is an ass sir.”

    • Has it really got so bad? Yes. If the person we’re criticising, no matter how justified we might be, claims they are offended then the Offensive Communications Act (or whatever it’s called) comes into play and you can – as I said – be jailed.

      And for this new law, they’ll turn it on whoever they see fit – it’s pretty much open-ended. Tell someone, online, that he’s a corrupt bastard and is personally a crime against humanity – no shortage of candidates – he’ll call you a troll and off you go to court. And jail.

      Actually, Micawber said “Income 19/6, expenditure 19/-, result happiness; Income 19/- expenditure 19/6, result misery.” Or something very like that. It was Mr. Bumble, the Beagle, who said the law is an ass.

  3. beginning to be pleased im the age i am now. and not many years left on this earth(then i think yes but my kids have to cope with it. so no joy in dying either. damned aristocrats.

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