Bovine Ordure of the Week…

Earth at risk after cuts close comet-spotting program, scientists warn shrieks the Guardian, getting its knickers in a right old twist over nothing. So here’s a tip, guys – stop trying to out-bollocks the Mail!

The risk now is exactly the same as it was before. If a comet strikes us we’re toast, whether we know it’s coming or not.

And if we know, we can’t exactly run away, now can we?

Untwist your knickers, and stop trying to panic people. There’s bugger all we could do about it anyway.

One thought on “Bovine Ordure of the Week…

  1. would rather not know to be honest. its bad enough knowing about stuff like terrorists, the ISIS/ISIL threat in Australia,USA & UK,(that thought terrifies me) Ebola and whether it will find its way here. (again pretty terrifying thought ,only takes one uncaring person to bring it in and slip through the customs net, when all’s said and done.) bad enough living with what cameron & crew are doing to so many people, misery and hunger, homelessness & death,everywhere. everytime you turn tv/radio or facebook on. sadness, someones died, or politicians in westminster have dreamt up yet more inhumane/inhuman things to pour on peoples head who are already so bowed down with it all. sanctions, SAD now the evenings are getting darker quicker(ok not a fear but is a everything above looks even worse to those who suffer from it at this time of year or those who suffer depression semi permanent or permanently.) Are you or your kids/grand-kids going to be next victims.
    so no. i think most people would be pleased not to be told the when in this case.

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