Addendum to Letter to my GP re Pulmonary Oedema and Heart Failure…

Those of you who read that post will know that I explained to my GP why I needed the following drugs:-

Nebivolol (beta-blocker) as the dose suggested by the cardiologist (half my normal dose), drove up my BP to what I consider to be a dangerous level. Yesterday’s BP was 115/59, for example. For the two days for which I took the reduced dose, and of which my GP was notified, my BP was 145/75 and 147/79. Both unacceptable. I reverted to my normal dose of 2.5mg b.d.

I also asked him to prescribe Salbutamol nebules and Atrovent nebules, as used when I was in hospital in August to treat attacks of now chronic Pulmonary Oedema, and which, bear in mind, could very easily kill me. I was lucky in August, and the attacks I’ve had since have not been as severe. That is not a guarantee that the next one won’t be the one that takes me off.

Last night I faxed a repeat script request asking for Nebivolol, as I shall be out of them by Sunday night, and for an item I missed from my previous repeat list, Omeprazole. A PPI drug, important but its lack wouldn’t be life threatening, as Nebivolol’s could be (this is not hyperbole – the risk is very real).

I didn’t put the nebules on it as they aren’t actually on my list yet and I thought the letter would be sufficient, guess what – I got neither the Nebivolol nor the nebules! Just Omeprazole.

So if I have a bout of P.O. as bad as the one that put me in hospital, or even worse, I have nothing with which to treat it effectively. So instead of resting this evening, as I’m supposed to, I’m going to be busy, checking my hospital bag, just in case.

Did I get a phone call from my GP to discuss what I was asking for? No. I can’t phone now because he’s in the middle of evening surgery, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow (though I’ll fax another letter now – he’ll get it either on the way home tonight, or first thing in the morning).

And if I did phone him now he’d get the bollocking of a lifetime as I’m absolutely fucking furious – and then I’d get fired from his list – for which I’m sure he’s been angling for some time now as I’m a very expensive patient. I’m not giving him that chance.

But what’s his motive, other than cutting costs? If he’s unsure of what I need (he shouldn’t be, I was clear enough), he could have phoned me and asked for clarification. He hasn’t.

Those three drugs, Nebivolol, Salbutamol and Atrovent are absolutely vital (I can buy them if necessary, but I shouldn’t bloody well have to).

Nebivolol because without it I could suffer catastrophic heart failure (even though that’s not why it was prescribed, the drug doesn’t know that and still protects me), or a stroke.

And I need the nebules if my breathing is impaired. P.O. seriously compromises the ability to inhale, so in a bad attack I won’t be able to use my inhalers to megadose, as I have been, and as in hospital my nebuliser will be essential to my survival.

And yet all I get is a fucking drug to reduce stomach acid! Is he, and I ask this in all seriousness, really trying to kill me? Because it feels like it.

A stroke of luck! Remember when the moronic nurse, in APH, gave me 4 days worth of Nebivolol as a single dose back in August? Well, I squirreled them away and I still have them – so if it all goes belly up tomorrow at least I have enough to get me through to next week.

Because I’m sure he won’t go against the cardiologist without talking to him (and maybe not even then), but he doesn’t know I have those spare tablets and it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll leave me – as he thinks – with none at all.

Watch this space because if he does, I’ll have his balls.