An open letter to Amazon Re Prime…

I have an email from you, the subject line of which says “Ron: Your opinion matters”.

Actually, it doesn’t. You don’t care about my opinion, or anyone else’s.

If you did you’d listen to those of us who tell you we have zero interest in streaming video at a cost of £30 more than we previously paid for Prime. Actually, I have no interest in streaming video even if it were free. And yes, I know it currently is, until my Prime expires, but that’s not the point.

What many of us want is Prime at, or close to, its previous price (personally, I’m even prepared to put up with the price premium on many Prime products which means we effectively pay twice, though I clearly can’t speak for others on that subject).

What I think we’d all agree on is that we don’t want to be forced into making a choice between paying for a service which is of no interest to us or abandoning the convenience of Prime – and, perhaps, abandoning Amazon altogether.

And I know you don’t care about that because you’ve made it very clear (and I suppose there are enough customers who think the new Prime is a good deal, so that you don’t have to worry about those of us who disagree**), so please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me that my opinion matters when it clearly does not.

**Would it kill you to implement a 2-tier Prime for those who don’t want streaming video at all?

Or – here’s an idea – instead of video, how about Kindle Unlimited for those of us who have more literary interests, plus Prime, at £79? It’s the same principle, after all (more or less – it’s a loan of the product, video or eBook, in both cases). Everybody wins – Amazon keeps customers it might otherwise lose, and the customers get a service they actually want. Of course, there will be those who want neither videos nor books. so better make that almost everybody wins.


A version of this will be emailed to Tim Leslie, Vice President, Amazon Prime Instant Video, assuming he exists and I can get an email address for him.

2 thoughts on “An open letter to Amazon Re Prime…

    • Beats me why Amazon aren’t offering Kindle Unlimited as an option – the cost of eBooks would be comparable to videos on average (or even a lot cheaper compared to, say, new-release blockbusters). Especially as the Unlimited scheme as it stands is somewhat over-priced at £95.88 a year just to borrow books (if you terminate your membership they delete the books from your Kindle).** Still cheaper than buying them, though, I suppose but, of course, municipal libraries can get them for you free (OK – out of Council Tax), where they still exist.

      **I don’t know what happens if you copy them from your Kindle and store them remotely. Maybe they self-destruct!?

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