Amazon have lost my order – again!

Email sent to Amazon:-

This is the second lost order.

Two lost orders in 14 years might not be considered serious.

Looked at from a different perspective 2 lost orders in a matter of weeks is a clear indicator that things are going badly wrong at Amazon.

Because if this is happening to me, it must surely be happening to others as well, so how many lost orders – presumed stolen, they don’t just wander off by themselves – does it take before you realise that Amazon Logistics is a liability, as I’ve said many times before.

I had few problems with Amazon before you let that bunch of no-hopers loose on the customers – very little but problems since then.

And now you’re trying to tell me my order might be delivered by November 5, when it’s quite clear you don’t have a clue where it is.

So look, just send another NOW. If I wind up with two – and I’m confident I won’t – I’ll return one.

This is your problem – don’t make it my problem – just fix it please. (End)


This is the tracking info that’s available:-


So, assuming it’s standard for their drivers to check everything they sign for is actually present, they know it was passed to the driver responsible for delivering it to their Wigan base, but it never got there. There is no reason, based on that, for their assumption that it will be delivered by November 5. It’s either been lost or stolen. It’s a 64GB micro SDXC card – eminently pocketable. And I maintain that, no matter what’s happened to it, it’s Amazon’s responsibility to put it right without delay (the carrier referred to is their own company, Amazon Logistics, so there’s no inter-company dispute about responsibility – it’s all down to Amazon). They do, after all, have my money – I simply want my goods.

They have, by way of compensation, extended my Prime membership until January. It should have expired in August, but successive cock-ups have seen it extended repeatedly. If they continue at this rate I could wind up with free Prime for life! To be honest, I’d far rather have a reliable service.


2 thoughts on “Amazon have lost my order – again!

    • Over the last 6 months I’ve had 95 orders, which is about average, and while they don’t all disappear there are problems with far too many of them (I don’t, for example, appreciate them being delivered at 9 o’clock at night – which, after a lot of nagging they seem to have stopped), and with a premium service like Prime there shouldn’t be any problems at all – that’s part of what we pay for.

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