A Culinary Experiment Update…

The soup, reheated after an overnight stay in the fridge, turned out very much better than I’d hoped for, though with not a great deal of potato flavour. The leek flavour came through very well though, so ignore my suggestion to double the quantity.

It’s been suggested that Aunt Bessie’s frozen mash (HT to hugosmum70), might be better than Smash. Probably would, too, so I intend to try that. If you want to try it, start with 300g and see how you get on. Just remember you can add more but you can’t take it out.

In addition, instead of the grated carrot I suggested, a handful of Aunt Bessie’s frozen carrot and swede mash would be good – no idea why I didn’t think of that, as I often use it for soup and always have some in the freezer.

Oh well, no-one’s perfect, not even me. 😉

8 thoughts on “A Culinary Experiment Update…

  1. well i9 am finally in the middle of making this. taking some time while it cooks for that 20mins or so to try regain some of my spoons. don’t hold out much hope because as the theory says once spent that day no getting them back…(wonder if an afternoon nap would replenish a couple though?)but at the moment i feel absolutely energy-less after doing what I’ve done so far. luckily the rest isn’t going to take much more energy.i had to do half quantities though as 1. i stupidly gave away the only big 2 handled pan i had.thinking i would never use it again (the De-cluttering bug takes hold every so often here. with space so limited …how on earth you cope with all you have in the way of kitchen equipment i do not know.)2, not much room in freezer at the moment.may be able to squeeze in some but as i love leeks the portions are not going to be very small. may get about 3 lots out of it. 4 at a push.that’s individual portions. really do need to find the time and energy to defrost and go through my old chest freezer.thought it had had it yesterday (its around 23 yrs old now.)PC went off n i heard a click in kitchen at same time. investigated all round the house checked everything that was plugged in. PC came back on so wasn’t that. only chest freezer wasn’t making its low humming sound.i changed the fuse in the plug although it looked OK. it came back on when i plugged it in. so i thought OK. that’s what it must have been though why it tripped the PC i don’t know. had just sat down when it happened again. again PC came back on but chest freezer didn’t (i say chest freezer as opposed to the upright i also have.) so as i have it insured and i was scared i was going to lose the full contents,i rang the insurance people.its old for new policy so not too worried. they are sending someone to check it out.its never been checked before. while i was talking to the woman, the thing came on of its own accord………so what caused it i don’t know unless it was a power surge. due to the rotten weather.they are still gonna check it anyway.phew to that though.been ok since.
    oh well here goes. back to do the rest. will let you know how i like it.im sure i will. as i say leeks are my favourite veggie

  2. ok. i used only 1 of the 2 leeks i had bought.200gms.the other i sliced the same.divided into 2 bags n put in freezer. (i know you are supposed to blanch veg but i simply have not got the space to do more than one thing at a time.)the rest i halved quantities.as near as i could. so used 2 veggie cubes. 1tsp each of basil and garlic granules. 4 patties frozen mash with spring onions in the absence of plain mash.i defrosted them for 1 minute then left to finish defrosting while the leeks were sweating off.parsley i used frozen.25gms milk powder. could not find touch of taste anywhere (though only looked in Morrison’s and online at Asda.cant do shopping at Sainsbury’s as well. have to do 25 quids worth at least at them all now.20gms melted unsalted butter.liquid amounts as i say i halved but didn’t add extra boiling water at the end. i like the texture as it is. now cooling. so you will get a thumbs up or a thumbs down tomorrow. lol.rather think it will be the former though.

    • I tried to buy Aunt Bessie’s mash – sold out!

      Morrison’s don’t deliver here yet, so I don’t know about them. No problem with Touch of Taste round here though. Did you use the search function on the websites? Much easier than just looking (except at Sainsbury’s where they can’t spell – sourdough they spell sough dough!). I’ve just checked Asda, they have both beef and chicken ToT

      If ToT stays hard to find, I’d try Kallo stock cubes. I always use use their veg cubes, but the beef and chicken are good too and, unlike other cubes, they don’t dominate, they enhance.

      I find it easy to work in my kitchen because everything is within reach. It looks daunting if you’re not used to it, but it does reduce the energy needed – all my flavourings are in the cupboard on the wall in front of me, the machines are on the worktop in front and to either side, and my induction hob and boiling water dispenser are behind me. My knives are mounted on the right-hand cupboard door, and my Kindle, with my recipes, on the left. The only things that don’t live in the kitchen are the perishables, like ToT – they live in the fridge along with the fresh veg.

      My workspace is exactly 45cm long by 30cm deep – the size of the high-density polypropylene board I use. Sounds tiny, but it’s big enough. Just needs a little discipline. When I first started to make bread I’d clear off the whole worktop – now I make it in the space normally occupied by the board, after giving it a good scrub and a wipe down with Milton (I suspect my kitchen hygiene is better than the nurse’s hygiene!).

      And don’t forget – my recipes are starting points – that’s why “to taste” appears so often. I know how much I like, others probably like something different – and you can always add more, but you can’t take it out!

      The only pan I use now is a frying pan. For all my other cooking I use 3 stainless steel casseroles, 2 litres, 3 litres, and 4.5 litres, all with 2 stubby handles. The big one is a bit heavy (Amazon had the wrong price on it and it was too good to pass up), the other two are very light, but have heavy bases so stuff doesn’t stick and burn (I also use stainless steel polish to retain the mirror finish inside as beans tend to stain it). This is the 3 litre pot http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000SM47MC/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The 2 litre is a bit small and, of course, you don’t have to fill the pot.

      The seller who is selling it for £16 is charging £22 for delivery!!!

  3. hmm ill pass on the casserole pans. having all on these days to buy food n pay bills. …just a bit annoyed that i let the other go. but i managed today with what i’ve got. the biggest from the set of 3 pans i have.as i say,until i do that freezer out and see whats at the bottom i wont be making large amounts of anything anyway. stainless steel polish. ive got some of that, hadnt thought of using it on pans though. good idea.

    • A mirror-polished stainless steel pan interior is more non-stick than a non-stick coating. Plus you can use metal utensils without worrying about scraping it off.

  4. well maybe Santa will take pity on me n bring me one for Xmas.lol.
    Ive just had the first bowlful of the soup. tasted lovely.only thing i will say is its rather difficult to eat the leeks when left in long strips.unlike spaghetti you cant just break it off half way into your mouth.so the rest i am going to liquidise. think it could do with a bit more spud in it too. to thicken it a little more. using frozen had to guess how much to put in.though as it is its ideal as a clear soup. A+ for me anyway.

    • Glad you like it. You missed a step, though – it says “500g leeks, trimmed, quartered lengthways and finely sliced” – you missed the finely sliced bit. No matter, it’ll be fine liquidised.

      And you can add more mash if you want to – it’s already cooked so just needs heating through in the soup, with a good stir.

  5. ah, i wasn’t quite sure about that.somehow my head wouldn’t compute it any other way. stupid brain. nm ill try it that way next time.ive still got the rest of the leaks in the freezer.admitted they are long thin lengths too but i can chop them whichever way…cant you just tell i am way out of practice at this these days.

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