An update to I haz a new toy, Part 371…

In the original I complained that my new Asus MeMO Pad 8 had only a microUSB port, with the limitations these things normally have. I wasn’t entirely correct. Or entirely wrong.

True, you simply can’t plug in a USB card reader and input photos from your digital camera, but it is doable – you just need a female USB-A to male microUSB adapter, one with OTG (On-the-Go), functionality (do check – not all adapters are created equal).

I’d bought such an adapter


some time back, tried it in all my tablets and – I thought – binned it in disgust when it didn’t work on anything but my Galaxy S3 phone.

So, for the Asus, I bought another,


very much more expensive, in the hope that it would work. It did, on the Asus, but only for stills, not video (might need a different app for vids – tried that, it did). That’s OK, it’s photos I want it for but, still, the only devices with fully-functional A-type USB ports remain my Surface RT and my cheap and cheerful GoTab 7” (current versions of this now have a microUSB port).

And then, Sod’s Law, I found the first adapter I’d thought I’d thrown out. Tried it on the Asus – that’s fine too.

Note: The green one, being all in one unit, is the tidier solution. The first, with male and female parts connected via a short cable, will fit more devices, especially where a case is used and depending on where the USB port is located.

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