The rip-off of the disabled community is a national scandal…

And no, I don’t mean by this egregious government – some people have been at this far longer than they have. Being disabled can be viciously expensive.

Contemplating my upcoming new career as a one-legged wheelie, I’m looking at equipment I’ll need like, for example, a transfer board for facilitating moving, as it might be, from bed to wheelchair.

These are simple beasts – a sheet of wood or other material, usually plastic (in the case of wood, laminated for strength and lightness, and smoothly varnished), but basically a plank, regardless of material.

I can buy one made from birch plywood, 30” long by 8 ½” for £22.49. Right now I’m looking at one – a shorter one, 27” long by 12” wide. Not sure what it’s made from, it doesn’t say, but it’ll be either wood or plastic. Given the price of £342.27** it should be bloody well gold-plated. I’d want a surfboard for that sort of money.

**By no means the most expensive, just an example chosen at random.

It simply confirms – not that further confirmation is needed as we’ve been here before – that the disabled community is seen primarily as a cash cow by far too many companies (three of the four most expensive boards, including the one above, are from the same company). And no, bitching about the additional costs of small-scale production will not hold water. If it did the birch one would be obscenely expensive too.

5 thoughts on “The rip-off of the disabled community is a national scandal…

  1. Its disgraceful they way you get treated. You should be entiled to all this equiptment, whatever you need to continue aspects of daily living! Technically adult social care should be paying for the necessary bits you need! I hope you get the help. You deserve it xx

    • I appreciate your concern, Roz, but I probably will get issued with what I need – I was just using the transfer boards as an example. But – and it’s a Kardashian-sized but – it took me over 60 years to access the system.

      I’ve been chronically sick and disabled since the age of 2, but it was only last year, when things took a turn for the terminal, that I actually got a foot in the door of the wonderful land of free equipment (not really free – like much else it’s paid for by taxes), when I was allocated an OT, referred to the community nurses, and realised just how much was available once I (a) knew about it and (b) knew how to get at it. Last year I was issued with an electric profiling bed, as I can’t breathe lying down and had spent several years sleeping upright on the couch. That came via the community nurses, at their instigation.

      Perversely, now, when I’m admitted to hospital, I have to fight to get a profiling bed!

      • morning Ron, I’m glad to hear that you have managed to get some help.
        Keep badgering them for all you need.
        Take care. I enjoy your blog xx

  2. you probably already know this Ron, but if it came about that you had to buy aids to help you with your disability, you may be able to get them VAT free.ive seen this on a few web sites selling equipment for the disabled plus where i get my diabetes testing strips from i dont have to pay VAT. just a thought in case you didnt know.

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