What the hell is Twitter doing now?

Seriously, Twitter, WTF are you up to? Do you even know?

Of late you’ve deleted all my DMs except for a few apparently random threads – lots of people complained about that, not just me so it must have been general.

Then you deleted the most recent, and still current, thread. But I managed to get that back last night as I’ve done several times previously.

This morning, though, it’s gone again,** but all the DMs for years past appear to have been reinstated! (When I got to messages over 1,000 days old I gave up.)

**You can reinstate lost DM threads by sending the other party a DM – that has the effect of restoring the whole thread. No guarantee it won’t vanish again, but you can always bring it back if you need to.

So, again, Twitter, what the absolute fuck are you playing at? Can’t you ever leave anything alone?

It’s very simple guys – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This constant buggeration is getting tedious.

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