Hospital needs a reality check…

I have a hospital appointment next Tuesday.

They’ve phoned twice, so far, wanting me to confirm I’ll be there. How the bloody hell do I know? It’s a week away. I could be dead or – more likely based on events tonight – an in-patient by then.

It’s at 9.45 so it’s going to have to be a spectacularly good day for me to be there by then, but I won’t know until the day arrives as, to get there by that time I’ll have to be up at 05.00. Getting up at that hours is doable – being mobile most certainly is not.

If I had to give them a decision, right now, I’d have to say no. Making it as far as the bedroom is going to be a challenge.

A 15ml dose** of Oramorph shut down my breathing with an almost perceptible bang about a minute after taking it, and I thought for a while I’d be in hospital before morning. I’ve got it mostly back under control, though not perfectly – still hard to breathe and the idea of going to bed is pretty scary right now. So I’m not.

**Because I’ve been in terrible pain all day, with no let-up, and I’ve had enough.

I have to say, though, that it’s pretty worrying. I’m keeping a record of how much Oramorph I’m taking. There are two versions, Public, for my GP and the hospital, maybe, and Private, just for my use, which is more detailed and honest, as my GP would just love the chance to withdraw it.

Oramorph has never triggered a respiratory crisis before, but there is no doubt it’s the culprit as I’d taken nothing else for hours. I followed it with a load of water to hopefully dilute it, then megadosed with my inhalers. I’m better than I was at 11.30, but still not 100% right.

I have – last year – taken doses as large as 35ml and, in hospital in August I was accidentally given 20ml. None did me any harm (nor did 20ml have any beneficial effect at all and neither did tonight’s 15ml).

Anyway, it’s after 01.00 and at the risk of provoking a crisis, I’m off to bed, fingers firmly crossed.


4 thoughts on “Hospital needs a reality check…

  1. I so understand this – I have the opposite problem getting to hospital in the afternoon is my problem but…Why can’t they book appointments around us – I’m sure we are all different enough foe this to be possible in the main?

    All best as always Ron xx

    • The first time I went to the vascular clinic last year, the appointment was for mid morning. That was just about doable. Making the next appointment before I left, I asked, as always, for one as late as possible. I was offered 09.00.

      I declined.

      I explained that getting there for 09.00 would mean getting up at 05.00, which was actually an hour before my first meds. I would be in no state to get up until at least an hour, and preferably two, after my meds.

      They said they had no late appointments for over six months.

      OK, fair enough. Most patients there had the same vascular problems as I did, and having to get up early was no fun, but I sincerely doubt that everyone had all the medical crap I have to deal with. But putting that aside, allowing ALL the late appointments to be used up so far in advance was absurd – they should keep some vacant for future patients. I put this to the appointments clerk – it seemed it had never occurred to anyone. It still wouldn’t guarantee one being available, but it would improve the chances.

      I took the 09.00 appointment cos that’s all there was, but I told her that the chances of my being there were vanishingly small, and not to expect me. In the event I didn’t make it (I can’t recall now but I was either in hospital at the time, or had just been discharged and still too ill).

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