Broccoli and Stilton Soup…

Well, actually, Broccoli and Sainsbury’s Basics Blue Cheese to be honest – that’s good enough. It seems hard to get a good Stilton this year, for some reason – in fact all the British blues I’ve tried have been sadly lacking in flavour. Even the normally pungent (though not blue or even British), Pie d’Angloys is a shadow of its usually smelly self. All, to me, seem to have the same fault – they’ve been buggered by the Salt Police.

So I thought, I’m not paying Stilton price for a soup ingredient that might well disappoint, I’ll have the Basics stuff and correct any shortcomings myself. I have a new Chanterelle Powder I want to try out which should add depth and savour to the soup.

And, of course, the soup will have beans for added protein (feel free to omit them if you wish). I’m still on my high-protein diet as initiated in hospital in March last year and re-confirmed in August this year when I was admitted again. To be frank I’m not entirely sure why.

Then, again, I’m not entirely sure why, despite my fondness for dairy products, I also have a severe calcium deficiency (if I neglect my prescribed supplement my nails rapidly become paper-thin – god knows what it’s doing to my bones).

I’d intended to make this yesterday, but I was a basket case (and almost blind, to boot, which didn’t help). I’ve been slowly losing my sight for years, the aqueous fluid within the eyeball is hardening and shrinking and, as it does so instead of being clear it fills with fissures and debris. It also, I’m told, tears pieces from my retinas as it hardens and shrinks, and the eventual result will be blindness. It does seem to be a very slow process, though, which is just as well since, if there’s a remedy, I haven’t been offered it (and few things fill me with more horror than having my eyes touched!).

So, anyway, I’m going to read the foodie pages in the papers, and then get on with cobbling up this recipe, which will then be posted here if it’s a success. I’ve had two failures this week, a bean soup with Halloumi, and my roasted cauliflower soup. For the former I blame the Guardian for bad advice – Halloumi is as crap cooked (it refuses to melt), as it is raw** – and the cauli was tasteless, no idea why. The only thing I can think of is that I froze it after roasting it – normally I use it immediately.

**Small cubes of salty rubber! Years ago, someone at either the Guardian or Obs said that Halloumi is where cheese goes to die. Can’t really argue with that.

Anyway, third time pays for all – hopefully.

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  1. Halloumi has two uses: griddled for breakfast (tastes almost bacon-y) or in a toasted sandwich on a Cypriot beach (there’s something magical about a halloumi and lountza Panini washed down with a lemon Fanta!).

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