Another Brassica and Cheese Soup…

Well, my Broccoli and El Cheapo Blue Cheese Soup was pretty damn good, so much so that I intend to try another variation on the theme of greens with cheese. How does Brussels Sprouts, Chestnuts, and Mature Cheddar Cheese Soup sound?

Whaddaya mean, horrible? Ye of little faith!

OK, so I’ve had my share of failures this year,** which is why I’ve changed tack somewhat by telling you in advance what I’m going to make, with a list of potential ingredients, then publishing the recipe if it works, rather than vice-versa, and scurrying to update it if it doesn’t work.

**There’s actually a valid reason for the occasional cock-up – I’m in so much pain it makes it very hard to even think, never mind do anything constructive, like cook. And yes, I know I moan about this a lot, but if you were in my position, you would too! Especially when the people who are supposed to help me are obstructive – like my GP.

Sprouts can be a contentious issue for some people. So far this Christmas season, unless I’ve missed it, the Guardian has omitted to swamp its food pages with its annual Brussels Sprouts hate-fest, though I suppose there’s still time (look, I accept that not everyone likes them, but do STFU about it every bloody Christmas!). If you don’t like sprouts, fine, don’t eat them – no-one is holding a gun to your head.

Personally, I love sprouts but loathe kale – it’s like thin, green, leather** without a single redeeming feature – but do I fill these pages with anti-kale venom? No. I just avoid eating it. It’s not difficult.

** Even worse in those restaurants where they believe dunking brassicas in hot water for 15 seconds is “cooking”. No, it’s bloody not!

Though I do suspect that many food writers singing its praises are guilty of bandwagon-jumping, and don’t actually like the stuff at all. Hell, kale’s even been parodied in US cop & doc show Rizzoli and Isles.

But I digress – it’s not entirely unknown – and today’s soup will feature some or all of the following (the finished recipe will be published tomorrow):-

Brussels Sprouts

Stilton, instead of the mature Cheddar. I can’t eat Stilton, the high fat content triggers Pulmonary Oedema – see the previous post – but it’s OK in soup. Cheddar is only very slightly lower in fat, but it doesn’t cause me any problems – or didn’t, at least!

Merchant Gourmet Chestnuts

Cooked soya beans



Echalion Shallots

Dried leek

Kallo organic veg stock cubes

Aunt Bessie’s Frozen Mash (as a thickener)

HP Fruity Sauce (good with cheese)

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (possibly – Stilton is quite salty

Schwartz white pepper

Chopped parsley, to finish

Plus anything else that takes my fancy