Ramipril Update…

In this post I talked about running out of my ACE inhibitor, Ramipril, and wondered if I really needed it. Well, today, I got my last meds delivery of the year, including more Ramipril, and I still don’t know the answer.

Two things I do know for sure – pain has driven me from my bed more often than usual while I haven’t been taking it, and my breathing has been much worse, but whether either of these are linked to the lack of Ramipril I really don’t know.

Last night, for example, I had no measurable sleep at all – maybe 90 minutes in total, but all in little bits, and was chivvied out of bed by pain not long after 04.00.

Been in agony all day despite taking more Oramorph than normal (15ml every 4 hours). Slept most of the day but no effect on pain at all.

I’ve taken Ramipril tonight, plus another 15ml Ora, and on that note I’m off to bed in the company of a large glass of sherry – more in desperation than hope and severely afflicted by Humbuggery!

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