Pulmonary Oedema and my plan to deal with it – maybe – Addendum…

After writing that post I had a Pulmonary Oedema (P.O.), attack for the third consecutive night. Mystified, and not a little scared (of all the things that might kill me, P.O. is close to the top of the list), I tried to figure out the cause.

It eventually permeated my insomnia-addled and oxygen-deprived brain that, despite having identified fatty food as a serious P.O. trigger, that evening I’d eaten a quiche. Eggs, cheese, and pastry = fat.

And that’s 14.5% fat, way below the 20% threshold I’d set for myself, and something I’ve eaten many times in the past without the slightest problem. However, since I’d had other fat-triggered P.O. attacks this week, maybe I’d become sensitised?

Whatever the reason, yesterday I took care to have a very low fat day and, as a result, I had a crisis-free night. I did worry when I remembered that the beans in my bean soup yesterday evening were soya beans, but apparently the process of digestion doesn’t extract their oil, not sufficiently, at least, to cause me any problems. Fortunate, as soya beans are a valuable source of protein and I get through a lot of them.

So, it seems that as long as I avoid the triggers so far identified, and as long as no more pop up it should be possible for me to avoid P.O. attacks.

Mind you, that’s what I thought before the last one. Clearly, then, there are triggers yet to be identified** but if I can keep dietary fat to around, say, 10 or 12 per cent I should be OK.

As before, watch this space…

** And, presumably, P.O. can occur without a food trigger as, except for a link to chocolate and P.O. in dogs, my search for information on P.O. and food triggers has come up blank. Can I really be the only person to have spotted this? I seriously doubt it but it’s looking that way.

I’ve just found a reference in this Medscape article. It’s seriously unhelpful, though, and might not, in fact, mean the same thing I do (dietary causes in the overall context of the article might not mean dietary triggers – it might simply refer to heart health as influenced by diet, and I think that is actually the case). I went right through the article, but the author fails utterly to expand on this:-

“Patient education

To help prevent recurrence of CPE, counsel and educate patients in whom pulmonary edema is due to dietary causes or medication noncompliance.”

NB: CPE = Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema

Tip: There’s no need to read every word when searching for something like this. Use your browser’s Search, or Find, function to run a keyword search. Or you can copy the article to Word, where the Find function might be more versatile.