Yodel strikes again?

I appear to have fallen victim to Yodel again – nothing changes!

Two  parcels – total weight 20kgs, so difficult to overlook – were despatched from Preston yesterday evening.

One is currently out for delivery from their Wrexham base, the other is recorded as having left Preston at the same time (18.13 yesterday), but not recorded as arriving anywhere in the known universe.

According to Yodel’s tracking info, my surviving parcel was sent from Preston to their national hub at Wednesbury, much further away from me than when it started out and, 3 minutes later, was on its way to Wrexham, North Wales, which took it 4 1/2 hours!

Clearly that didn’t happen (for those unfamiliar with the area, Wednesbury is 62 miles from Wrexham (about 90 minutes by road). It might have been booked out as soon as it was booked in, but my parcel went nowhere, physically, until it had been moved to the Wrexham-bound vehicle. Tracking data with such inbuilt inaccuracy isn’t wildly helpful.

And what of my missing parcel?