Want the Tories out in May? Only one way to do it…

I can understand people not wanting to vote Labour – while Ed’s in charge I don’t want to, but I will – but the sheer wrong-headed stupidity of those who think not voting, or spoiling their ballot paper, will, in some magical way, punish the Tories (or possibly Labour – I’m not entirely sure what the logic is, if there’s any logic at all), displays a terrifying lack of political acumen. Voting for parties who have no chance of winning the election is no different to not voting/spoiling the ballot paper.

A general election is not the time for a protest vote to teach Labour a lesson, though god knows they need one, but the time to vote the straight Labour ticket.

You might not like the Labour Party in its current incarnation as pale-blue Tories, mainly thanks to Ed** but, for better or worse, they’re what we’ve got, so put personal feelings aside and vote Labour – there is NO viable alternative. If the Tories have a virtue, then it has to be loyalty to the party – something we, on the Left, really do need to emulate this time round.

**And yes, I do know that the last Labour government was responsible for the benefit reforms that IDS has ramped up into an engine for extermination by suicide, and for which you simply cannot hold current Labour responsible.

The Conservative party might well think Cameron is a greasy, band-wagon-jumping, arsewipe, and they’d be right, but when it comes to the crunch, it’s party first, personalities second. While the Left, activists aside, often think “What the hell, they can get by without my vote, and it’s raining!” but if enough people feel that way – and they all too often do – it could amount to enough votes to lose the election, as it has in the past.

Never forget Harold Wilson who, in 1970, went into a general election as a dead cert to win – everybody said so, bookies, newspapers, the man on the Clapham omnibus, every bugger with an opinion said it was a walkover – so Labour voters stayed home in droves and Labour got hammered by the Tories under Ted Heath.


The Left are, on the whole, lazy voters, have been throughout my adult life, and that needs –  hell, has – to change in 2015, but the Parliamentary Labour Party are doing absolutely nothing to encourage their supporters to convert their voting apathy  into votes. They must be encouraged to bite the Ed-shaped bullet, vote Labour, or get Cameron back (or Boris or – or even IDS, the frothing, giggling, fruitcake has a lot of support).

Labour has a matter of weeks to convert Twitter Favorites and Facebook Likes into real votes – and I fear they’ve left it far too late.