The Curse of ME Brainfog and Painfog…

I bought my first computer about 1991 (40MB HDD, 4MB RAM!). I currently have 7 (five tablets, a laptop and a desktop), and in the period from 1991 to now, I’ve replaced about a dozen desktops and laptop machines to keep pace with hardware and OS demands. I’ve built a couple too. All things considered, I know about computers.

Or did, at least.

My current desktop is dying so, three weeks ago I bought a replacement. I normally buy machines without an OS so I can install exactly what I want, but this time I got one with 64-bit Win 7 Home Premium installed as that’s what I have currently (7 Pro has more bells and whistles, but none I actually need).

The old machine, with a new 1TB HDD, is destined for a new career streaming movies and miscellaneous online rubbish.

My new machine is still here, sitting on the floor.


Simple – I’ve apparently forgotten every bloody thing I ever knew about setting up a new PC. It’s not hard, just tedious – I can remember that much – but the detail is just – gone.

Anyway, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and just jump in, as this thing is on its last legs. Hopefully, my knowledge base is still intact somewhere and when it comes to the crunch will resurface. Typing this has thrown up the odd flicker, but nothing of any consequence.

If I can’t do better than that I’m seriously screwed.

4 thoughts on “The Curse of ME Brainfog and Painfog…

  1. Oh i know this one Ron.(and i do not have ME)…must admit my knowledge of computers doesn’t match yours by a long chalk. but i did know how to maintain the thing (desktop anyway…laptop I’m not sure of nor ever was)used to be able to do simple graphics, animations, web pages and sites (ok using a web building site not HTML ill admit.) and of course my genealogy which i had been doing for years, first 30years by footslogging but not that seriously, enough to gain a fair bit of family history though.but then online. went on in leaps and bounds. learned a lot and gained knowledge of a lot of sites/places to look for the info needed,however after a 6 day stay in hospital Aug 28th -Sept 3rd 2007 my brain was so foggy it took 18months for it to clear and for me to get my head around the new meds,diet,lifestyle i was told i should brain was never the same again though. i could no longer concentrate the same and i lost confidence in even putting a programme on PC that i had done loads of times before. even now over 7 years later i still have to call on my son or daughter for advice on how to do something now and again.and thats without ME or Fibrofog..(ok maybe age may have had something to do with it as time has gone on but not at first.i went from a computer literate woman of 65 to someone with no confidence in doing the things she had been doing for the previous 5 years at least all within 6 days.

    • Your comment about laptops is fairly typical, and compounded by people like Which? well-meaning though they are. Laptops work in exactly the same way as desktops (assuming they run the same OS and software (my lappie has the same OS and identical software as my desktop; the only difference is slightly less memory). Plug in a mouse or – my preference – a trackball and off you go.

      The only problem I have with them is the keyboard – they are always something of a compromise.

  2. Ron, during foggy times I have difficulty working my microwave. I have also opened my fridge, to find the bottle of bleach happy chilling, and attempted to fill my water bottle with fresh brewed coffee😶

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