Doctors are Dangerous – Addendum – They are out to get us…

Having just read this post The lies of IDS to his own party… a thought has occurred to me regarding the scurrilous attempts to downgrade and trivialise my lifetime of serious illness as described here.

Am I seeing a deliberate Tory doc attempt to rubbish my benefit claims?

Paranoid? Damn right I’m paranoid – anyone who is chronically ill should be, because they are out to get us, make no mistake about that.

Considered calmly, I think the cardiologist might well be simply wrong in ascribing my heart failure symptoms to COPD (but hell, he’s just as dangerous!), but the respiratory consultant of whom I fell foul in hospital recently might well have a political agenda.

I can think of no other reason why she should set out to rubbish almost 70 years of medical investigations, diagnoses, and treatment – essentially saying that every doctor I’ve ever seen has been wrong, and she’s right.

And even if her opinions are honestly held and she has no personal or political agenda, she is still extremely dangerous both from a medical and a financial perspective. However, I do believe that her motivation is questionable, as the battery of tests she told me she had planned – to presumably support her claims – failed to materialise. Perhaps because they wouldn’t support her anti-COPD stance?

That I have COPD should be beyond question. I have had asthma and bronchiectasis since age 2. In 1996 the first “emphysematous changes” in my lungs were recorded (i.e. early COPD). Those changes do not go away. Since then COPD has been confirmed multiple times. There should be no question – my COPD is real.

And my nurses are 100% certain that the cause of the return of my Lymphoedema is due to heart failure (just as I’m equally sure a major contributory factor was being deprived of my wheelchair by both the ambulance service and the hospital. Since they deal with it for a living I’m inclined to trust their judgement.

And by the way, I have deliberately not named the doctor concerned. If you know who it is, please keep it to yourself.