A Disastrous Setback…

This afternoon I stood up from my wheelchair to go into the kitchen (making soup – see the following post tomorrow) – and promptly greyed out and keeled over backwards.

Apart from the injuries to my back and pelvis from the fall (mostly bruising as far as I can tell, though a similar fall some years ago resulted in a hairline crack in a pelvic cartilage which, while not hugely painful, creaked horribly whenever I moved – at least there is no sense of a break this time).

Unfortunately, this time, I did an awful lot of damage to my legs while getting up again, a pity as the left one had already had a very bad day. It feels as if it’s set me back weeks, possibly months. Time will tell, I suppose.

I injured my left leg rather badly a few weeks ago, knocking over a heavy wooden chopping board, the edge of which raised a huge and severely painful and blood-filled lump on my shin. The lump broke open, easing the pressure and the pain about a week ago and, this morning, while changing the dressing, I found it was firmly stuck and refused to yield, even after half an hour, to being soaked in warm water to dissolve the hardened blood. What did happen, instead, was that suddenly the entire haematoma came free, about the size and shape of a very over-ripe blackberry, leaving a hole in my leg about a centimetre deep by rather more across. Luckily, it was more or less painless at the time, though it’s made up for it since the fall. As I type this, at 01.08 on Monday, both legs are making up for lost time with a vengeance, despite the fact that my morphine is maxed out.

I let the hole bleed for a while to flush out old blood, then washed and re-dressed it. Badly shaken, and not wanting to puke on my own wound, I left my ulcer for the nurse to attend to, but I’m very worried that, now there’s a hole in my left leg, it, too, might turn into an ulcer which could be nasty as it’s very close to the bone. Time, again, will tell.

I’m hoping that it’s more dramatic and scary than serious – the sodding hole looks like I’ve been shot!

It’s also a prime site for infection and, while I’m already taking antibiotics as prophylaxis for the ulcer (the doc went berserk and prescribed 4 times the normal dose, 1g every 6 hours). In the absence of an infection, that was excessive, and I scaled it back to double (500mg/6 hours), but, by today, that was severely affecting my breathing and, fearing anaphylaxis, I scaled it back to 500mg every 12 hours. Probably should have got an OOH doc out but I know from experience all they’d suggest is hospital.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings. Right now, I’m supremely pissed off! I really can’t take much more of this.

4 thoughts on “A Disastrous Setback…

  1. So sorry to read this Ron. To state the obvious, more leg problems is the last thing you needed. Maybe the nurses can help? Anne.

    • Given half a chance the nurses would have me in hospital – which is the last place I need to be to be if I want to stay infection-free. If I can do that, the new hole will heal in time. And, of course, it depends on how much damage I did yesterday – I haven’t looked yet – waiting for the nurses to tell me when they’re due. We share the work – I take off the old dressings, wash and disinfect the wounds, and they apply new dressings. Much of the time I do the whole thing myself – much less pain that way!

    • Hi Sarah. No permanent damage luckily – bruises and pulled muscles as far as I can tell. The bigger problem is my legs – getting up from the floor (not too long ago, once down I’d have been unable to get up at all), has done a lot of damage. Not serious, but bloody painful.

      At least my soup’s OK without being puréed.

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