Pressure-reducing Leg Rest for use in Lymphoedema…

I came up with this DIY design almost  year ago, but was too ill to make it myself. Looking at it you might wonder why that should be so, as it’s very simple – the question should give you an idea of just how ill I am (plus I only recently had the idea of using the toilet frame). Even now, and I’m very much better than I was a year ago, it was exhausting just fetching the frame from the bedroom and cleaning it up (it’s not been used for years – I have another in the bathroom).

I’m supposed to elevate my legs, particularly my right one which is worse, by far, than my left, and currently sports a blossoming ulcer (my nurses tell me it’s showing signs of healing – I hope they’re right). Continue reading

A leg support for use in Lymphoedema – Update.

My leg – the right one again – has taken a turn for the very much worse, and the pain is enormous, as is the swelling. Clearly, then, I’m going to have to elevate my leg at some point.

I can’t use anything that’s going to put pressure on the affected parts (pretty much anywhere between knee and heel, effectively), so finally,

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