The uncaring side of health care…

Still totally screwed after my hospital appointment on Monday (covered here).

While the appointment with the consultant went well, the expedition half-way across the hospital to the Pathology Lab massively exceeded my normal walking ability, with which I was initially pleased – in that I could do it at all – until the after-effects set in.

Now, and for most of this week, aside from the usual suspects Continue reading

Chronicles of the Heart. Part 25…

As regular readers may know, I was too ill to keep my cardiology appointment on September 26, and the hassle I had trying to notify people at Arrowe Park Hospital (and look, stop calling yourselves Wirral University Hospital – every bugger knows there’s no university!).

Finally, today – and sent to an address that I haven’t lived at for over 2 years, and which I ensured was updated in their records – I got Continue reading

Chronicles of the Heart, Part 24…

Yesterday, my heart was only slightly tachy (93bpm), and stable, for once, not throwing PVCs** as if they were going out of fashion, with no chest pain. So I went to the pub.

**Premature ventricular contractions.

Yes, I know that I shouldn’t drink, but if I didn’t go to the pub, I wouldn’t go anywhere – as it is I’m stuck in here 6 days out of 7, and drinking fits in with my abilities in that I can do it sitting down. There is, however, no longer any doubt that drinking is making me worse – much worse.

Despite the fact that I drank much less than usual yesterday, I was still Continue reading

Why is the hospital system biased against seriously ill patients?

By which I mean what steps are taken to prevent a seriously ill outpatient who is too sick to attend an appointment, falling through the holes in the system?

Today, I have a cardiology appointment, one I have been waiting 8 months for – but there’s a problem – I’m too ill to go. I have a respiratory infection, a killer headache, nausea, my kidneys hurt (long-term diuretic problem, presumably), and all the problems I’d blamed my heart meds for are back with a vengeance, plus a whole load of ME/CFS-related shit, like a 15-pint hangover, without having had the fun part first!

And my arthritis has flared up because I had the temerity to cook yesterday – when I feel able I cook for the freezer. My hips are killing me so walking is out, ditto my hands, so can’t use my chair. I am seriously screwed.

Oh, and I’ve Continue reading

Arrowe Park Strikes Again…

After making a complaint to APH concerning the fact that my diagnosis of heart failure wasn’t relayed to my GP, I’ve just had a long, and very interesting, conversation with one of their guys. Bottom line – their record keeping is criminally lax. And that’s not hyperbole, it’s so bad that it must inevitably result in deaths. It may yet, in all seriousness, result in mine, as Continue reading