Breadmaking resource info…

I’ve found a source for Fermipan yeast (I may have posted about this before, I’m not sure), sensibly-priced sea salt (similar to the price I used to pay when I sourced my salt in Liverpool), and something I’ve been trying to get hold of, without success, for over a year – golden sultanas (for cake and for fruit bread).

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Spring bread noodlings…

There are two bread variants I want to try in the near future – sourdough, and oat bread.

With sourdough, traditionally you make a yeastless dough then leave it out, uncovered, for whatever yeasts there are in the air to colonise.

If you are in a well-established bakery, a winery or a brewery, or in or near an orchard, this is an excellent idea. The average punter, though, is just likely to get dust, athlete’s foot spores, spiders and the occasional woodlouse indoors, or bird crap and flies outdoors, plus whatever passing dogs and cats might do to it. Come to think of it, that must happen to the pros too – we just don’t get to hear of it!

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My Breadmaking Progresses…

Happy New Year, folks!

2010 is going to be the year in which I get seriously into bread-making. OK, I can make pretty good bread already, but with having to work around the problems of my health, it can be difficult.

The first change is buying a mixer, which frees me from the problem of having a good day, healthwise, before I can bake. I was torn, as I’ve mentioned previously, between the Kenwood Chef Classic (white only),

and a fire-engine red KitchenAid Artisan. (The candy-apple red special edition is stunning.)

In the end, though, it was no contest. The…

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Bread Bits, Part 6 – rambling about bread…

At Wellbeck, in rural Nottinghamshire there is a School of Artisan Food. I think that’s great. There must be many people, like me, who discover that they have a talent for something – in my case breadmaking –  and would like to take it further. They don’t offer a specific breadmaking course, but that may be a segment of the Baking course.

I certainly wish I’d discovered my own talent 30-40 years ago – with a school like this I may have been able to develop it to the point where I could make a living out of it. Now, at 65 and increasingly disabled, there’s not a lot I can do with my new-found skills except make bread for my own pleasure and consumption, and show off by giving loaves away.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

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