Attracting people to blogs, and writing for them – which comes first?

In my view, that would be the latter, every time.

One of the most frequent cries for help in the WP forum is “how can I get people to visit my blog?” All too often, a look at the blog throws up another question – why would they? All too often that plea comes from a blogger who has written nothing beyond the initial Hey, I’m here! post.

If you want people to read your blog, you have to do two things (at least). One Continue reading


Some thoughts on writing for blogs…

Over time, I’ve written several posts on writing for blogs, not least because the first step in attracting visitors to your blog is to actually write something – others may disagree, but if you want to attract readers the first step, way before trying to attract the attention of search engines, and maximise your ranking, is to Continue reading

Attract visitors to your blog – first step, write one…

A seemingly perpetual question in the WordPress forums is “How do I attract visitors to my blog?” Often posed by people who have written bugger all beyond “Hey, look, this is my new blog!” Big deal…

To get people to visit your blog you have to write. A lot. More importantly, you have to write well and interestingly and – a personal bugbear this – you have to know where the spell-check button is and use it obsessively! And don’t overuse Continue reading