An update on Phyllocontin toxicity…

While, overall, I stand by what I said previously, it became clear over the weekend that I had reduced my Phyllocontin intake too much. This left me far too dependent on my inhalers,  and rendered my condition less stable than I’d initially thought.

As a result, I’ve Continue reading


Chronic Phyllocontin toxicity…

I was first prescribed Phyllocontin Continus, at 450mg every 12 hours, in 1980. For the next couple of years the hospital monitored my serum Theophylline levels to make sure the dose was both safe and effective (with Phyllocontin, the difference in serum levels between effective and toxic is tiny, hence the testing).

I was very happy with it, side effects (then), were non-existent, and my breathing improved dramatically. Best of all, I stopped Continue reading