Class 3 scooters and powerchairs – the law is an ass!

To comply with a law which is virtually unenforced, I have registered my Class 3 powerchair, a Pride Quantum 6000, with the DVLA. They, in turn, issued me with a tax disc bearing the registration number – now all I have to do is find somewhere to mount a tax disc holder – something which is well-nigh impossible without drilling holes in the machine, which I’m not prepared to do.

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Tax disc holders for Class 3 scooters/powerchairs…

Finding somewhere to mount a normal tax disc holder on a Class 3 scooter or powerchair (for which it is mandatory), can be tricky without, especially with scooters, drilling holes in the bodywork.

After a lot of rummaging around online (and being horrified at the price of some of these things!), I found something that will suit all scooters and many powerchairs.

It’s the 3D Tax Disc Holder, from M&P at £5.99 for 2. It’s flexible, to fit curved panels (hence the 3D tag), and adhesive, so you just stick it where you want it. In my case it’ll be the side-panel of the right-hand arm-rest.

Don’t bother – these things are shit! The only thing they’ll stick to is the fridge door, and even then not very well. They won’t stick to any of the plastic panels on my chair.  If I were a biker, still, I wouldn’t like to trust my tax disc to one of these poxy things. Even when I did get it to stick, theft would have been insanely easy.

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90 on a mobility scooter…

Ninety-year-old Stanley Murphy, of Sussex, took to the A27 road in his Class 3 mobility scooter, to the consternation of many, including Mr. Murphy, who hadn’t intended to be there and had taken a wrong turn (which rather calls into question whether he should be out on his own – it could easily have been a motorway). It is, however, perfectly legal to use such a scooter on the highway, provided certain conditions are met, about which the Sussex police Continue reading