Creative cooking, on the fly…

Yesterday evening, hungry but, as is happening increasingly of late, with no desire to eat, I decided to do what I most love to do –  of the things I can still do –  and that’s create a new recipe on the fly, from what I can find more or less within arm’s reach.

This came about because I’d planned to have a couple of Continue reading

Today we haz soup. . .

Butternut squash, sweet potato, chilli, and pak choi soup to be precise.

After a dreadful night, when I discovered that there’s something almost worse than pain – itching! – during which I totalled perhaps half an hour of fitful sleep, I have to avoid falling asleep during today in order to be able to do so tonight. So it’s time to hit the kitchen.

First up is going to be sweet potato and butternut squash soup, with shredded pak choi, partly as a colour contrast, partly for its slight pepperiness. A small chilli will be involved, too, to  give the inevitable sweetness a lift.


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A sausage casserole recipe from hospital…

Today, because for a whole raft of reasons, I feel like hammered shit and can’t walk more than a few paces, I decided to hit the kitchen. Perverse or what?

Anyhoo, the first thing I did was knock a glass off the worktop, hacking a bloody chunk out of my foot. Damn good job my glasses are plastic, for just this reason – had it been glass, and shattered, I’d be typing this in A&E, and quite possibly emulating the Pobble (look it up, don’t be lazy!).

Anyway, this is the first dish I’ve cooked from scratch since some time around Christmas, the Aunt Bessie’s pre-prepped beef stew doesn’t really count.

First thing – aside from clumsiness – I noticed, was that I have lost Continue reading

A lifestyle change for the New Year…

I need to make some changes in my day to day life in order to maximise my dwindling physical resources. Cooking, for example, is becoming more of a challenge and, as I have very little appetite these days, barely worth the effort.

It will still happen from time to time – I can’t imagine a world in which I never cook – and I’ve still to make faggots in gravy, for example (the ingredients are in the freezer), but on a day to day basis, food is going to be, more likely than not, something I can shove in the microwave.

If I ate more I might well be Continue reading

Fabada de Asturiana and morcilla follow-up…

For me, fabada has a major design fault – no matter what you do with chorizo, it still has the texture of leather,** Even soft, cooking chorizo, turns out that way, though it’s acceptable sliced very thin. The answer, then, is to make my own chorizo, with a texture that suits me – not really difficult.

**Like many sausages that are 100% meat, though I find Bratwurst and other German sausages (also all meat), perfectly acceptable, so my chorizo will be lightened by the addition of rusk, in the form of dried fresh breadcrumbs from my own bread (as opposed to breadcrumbs made from stale bread, which tastes different – the only bread worth eating stale is a baguette).

The other thing I discovered is that Continue reading

My take on Fabada Asturiana…

You need:-

300g dried beans, soaked overnight, use the traditional fabada bean, or cannellini, they’re much the same

4 torpedo-shaped shallots

1 scant tablespoon lard, home-made if possible

2 Packs fabada meats

½ pack of panceta

3 teaspoons sweet paprika (traditionally, this should be smoked, which I don’t like)

When everything is cooked, Continue reading