What is COPD, how do I get it?

I’ve covered this question from my search engine list before, from a slightly different angle “I don’t smoke, can I still have COPD?”

Simple answer – yes.

More complicated answer, no, not unless you have some pre-existing respiratory condition(s) (in my case bronchiectasis and asthma), that Continue reading

Managing COPD…

Another search-engine list question “how long would I have before my COPD get…”

I’m choosing to believe that the missing word is “intolerable” or maybe “too severe for me to function normally”. Actually, it could be almost anything, but I suspect I’m in the ball-park.

The progress of COPD is different for everyone, but it depends on a number of things, not least your life-style. If you smoked prior to being diagnosed, and are still smoking then go Continue reading

Why have I got COPD, I’ve never smoked?

This is another question from my search engine listing.

First of all, it’s a common misconception that you have to smoke to develop COPD – you don’t. However, COPD doesn’t just appear out of the blue. For example, I have COPD and I’ve never smoked. I do, though have two conditions, asthma and bronchiectasis, which I’ve had since age 2, which with time and deterioration have become COPD.

COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – is a portmanteau Continue reading

COPD and nothing but COPD…

I’ve got posts about COPD all through this blog, so I thought I’d put the links to all the purely medical COPD posts (COPD also gets mentioned in posts about benefits, too), on one page. Oddly enough, it’s this one… Continue reading