Swine flu silence…

Here in the UK, there has been a 50% increase in swine flu cases of late but, until today, total silence on the matter – and I stumbled on the article linked to quite by accident. Currently there are 364 people in hospital with the disease, but what’s really worrying is that 74 of those are in Intensive Care – but there has been no Continue reading

What is COPD, how do I get it?

I’ve covered this question from my search engine list before, from a slightly different angle “I don’t smoke, can I still have COPD?”

Simple answer – yes.

More complicated answer, no, not unless you have some pre-existing respiratory condition(s) (in my case bronchiectasis and asthma), that Continue reading

Questions about DLA and emphysema…

A question about claiming DLA, followed by one about DLA and emphysema/COPD.

From my search engine section comes this gem “What illness do you need to get DLA?” For me, that says, “What illness can I claim to have, to fiddle DLA?”. Maybe I’m just cynical (yep), and it’s just a badly phrased question, but surely anyone who actually was ill would be asking “Will Continue reading

COPD and inhaled steroids…

I’ve been claiming for some time now that some people coming to me for advice are under-medicated, and now we have confirmation. What I’ve seen is probably the tip of the iceberg, too.

The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), has warned that GPs are placing themselves at risk of legal action by prescribing inhaled steroids as a single-drug therapy in COPD, with new figures suggesting almost 200,000 patients remain on inhaled steroids alone. (source: Search Medica.)

Inhaled steroids, alone, are wholly Continue reading

Fame at last…

As you can see, from the “badge” in the sidebar, I’ve now become a Health Blogger at Wellsphere.

I was invited to join some weeks ago, but there was a bit of a communication glitch. They said “We carefully reviewed your blog, and based on the high quality of your writing, the frequency of your posts, and your passion for helping others, we think you would be a great addition to the Network.” Well, hell, you Continue reading

Reapplying for DLA…

I’ve not dipped into my search-engine slush-pile for a while, so I’ve just had a look and found this:-

“What happens if u don’t reapply for DLA? Well, for a start, you’ll get more sense out of Google if you learn to spell “you” – trust me, it’s not hard! Never use text spelling in a search engine, it’s dumb ( and doing so in emails should be a capital offence!).

The question Continue reading

More on COPD and pandemic flu…

According to Pulse magazine, this variant affects the lungs more than normal flu, making it far more dangerous for those of us with COPD.

To counter this I have just ordered a nebuliser (I had one, but when I moved recently, I accidentally left it behind), and two packs of 20 Salbutamol nebules.

Nebulisers, on the whole, are noisy gadgets, so I’ve bought the Medel Clenny nebuliser which is said (I’ve done the research so you don’t have to and, trust me, it took bloody ages!), to be both powerful and quiet. It’s rechargeable, so you can use it anywhere. I ordered it from Westons, which is where that link takes you (they have a Continue reading

COPD and the Flu Pandemic…

Based on the information available and on my past experience of flu with COPD, if the pandemic does materialise (and it seems inevitable), the risks seem little worse than ordinary flu. No-one outside Mexico has so far died (and the deaths there are curious – men in their thirties, mostly, rather than the vulnerable groups, like the old and the young).

Speaking personally, even ordinary flu, in the right circumstances, can Continue reading