The cost of Atos, dismantling the health service, and other gripes…

You might have spotted that today’s papers are dominated by the release of a veritable torrent of data detailing (just a part of), government expenditure. In the spreadsheet for the DWP**, it’s revealed than in the 5 months since the election, Atos has been paid  £3,489,137.81. Sorry, ignore that, it’s not as simple as it appeared, as Atos is spread over several spreadsheets. As you were – I’ve scoured all the DWP data and can find only that one entry for Atos Medical Services. There are also sums of £330,585.05, £23,300.35, minus £13,152.00, £129.09, £356.03, £366.89, £59.49, £733.78 and £848.43   for Atos Origin IT Services UK Ltd. Same company?

The cost in human misery caused by Atos, though, is incalculable.

**Downloaded from here.

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