Flu crisis looming? Really?

Pulse magazine said, on Friday:-

The GPC has warned of a looming flu ‘crisis’ and claimed Government cutbacks in marketing have led to a dangerously low uptake of the seasonal flu vaccine among patients.

In response to which, a commenter observed:-

“…the patient’s major concern was the swine flu content. There should have been a national advertising campaign.”

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Flu vaccine – 2010…

I subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s newsletter and, just occasionally, there is a gem peering out at me from among the dross. Today is such a day. Just don’t abandon your critical faculties altogether, though.

In the US, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), is getting its knickers in a twist over the lack of enthusiasm for the swine flu vaccine last year.

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Swine-flu vaccination…

Tomorrow morning, with considerable reservations, I shall be going for my swine flu vaccination.

Reservations, because I have no idea how I will react to it (I reacted very badly to the pneumonia vaccine, back in June), and because I’m not convinced that, right now, it’s necessary, given the level of swine flu infections, which seem to be diminishing.

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