My take on a loathed dish – Italian Mince…

Dominating the menu at APH was something called Italian Mince – so much so that they must have bought in the buggerdly stuff by the tonne.

While I failed to detect the slightest Italian influence (it was basically mince with a hint of tomato), I did get a feel for what they were trying – and failing – to do. The problem was one of cowardice in the face of robust flavours, resulting in something way too close to spag bol – but without the Spag! Precious little Bol too.

Firstly, it needs good meat. Not too good, a proportion of Continue reading

The Cost of Survival…

OK, as titles go it might seem a little melodramatic, but few things are more essential to survival than food and, once again, I find myself staggered by the cost of a week’s groceries. The following, including a week’s ready-meals, currently comes to £71.00 delivered. In reality it’ll be somewhat lower, as there’s always something not available and, at Sainsbury’s, it’s not possible to specify alternatives.


Cupboard or freezer stock. Continue reading

More on ready meals, and eating well on a budget…

Having been, for the most part, deeply unimpressed by Wiltshire Farm Foods meals, I decided, rather than order any more from online companies, I’d go back to basics, and order from Sainsbury’s.

I was a bit critical about them in the past, mainly due to their habit of using wine-marinated meat where it was totally wrong to do so, resulting in some very odd flavours, and the inedibility of their carrots (a common failing throughout the industry – carrots and freezers just don’t get along).

Still, they were cheap, and at least as filling as WFF so, last week, I ordered some to test the water, as it’s some years since I’ve eaten them:- Continue reading

Wiltshire Farm Foods – Second Review…

Today it was Hearty Redcurrant and Rosemary Lamb Casserole (£4.95), with boiled potatoes, carrot and swede mash, and cabbage, and unlike yesterday’s underwhelming dish, lived up to its hearty designation.

I’ve no idea where the rosemary – one of my favourite herbs, but a lot of cooks treat it with excessive trepidation** – and the redcurrants were, but it was still very tasty and nicely filling.

**I blame Continue reading

Wiltshire Farm Foods – First Review…

I wrote this, read it, thought about it, read it again – and thought “Am I being too hard on this dish?”

On balance, I don’t believe so.

As I said in this post, I decided to switch to ready meals because cooking is becoming more of a challenge and, as I have very little appetite these days, barely worth the effort as a lot of food is wasted, thrown away uneaten. There seem to be two major players in the ready-meal delivery field who deliver nationally, WFF and Oakhouse foods. I decided to try WFF first.

They do standard meals, along with mini and hearty versions, so I got a week’s worth of a mixed bag of Continue reading

Roast salmon fillets – a quick and tasty, spoonie-friendly, meal…

This is the sort of very quick dish I’ll make for myself when I’m able to cook. It’s childishly simple, relying, as it does, on bottled sauces

For one person take 2 salmon fillets, you know the type, wide strips, thick in the middle, thinning down at the ends. Sit them, skin side down, on a pad of kitchen paper, to dry the skin, and wipe any moisture off the fish itself.

Preheat the oven to 200C – I use a mini oven, it really does keep fuel costs down.

First, knock up a dish out of Continue reading