Pickles and bread…

Christmas is pretty much the only time I buy pickles, and every year I’m disappointed by the quality.

This week I’ve bought a jar of Sainsbury’s sweet piccalilli – deeply crap bits of rubbery veg in a sickly-sweet goop that also manages to be savagely acidic. That’s because, while sugar is the greatest ingredient, it’s followed closely by

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Microgreens again…

Once everything is settled here – it’s been a problematic year so far – I can settle down to the business of growing microgreens. The lack of success with my first try was, I believe, simply that I was trying too hard.

The shallow plastic trays that supermarket veg comes in – about 2 cms deep is ideal – are perfect, with a few drainage holes poked in the bottom using a hot nail or something similar (held with pliers, of course!), and filled with seedling compost rather than potting compost, which is too coarse. Vermiculite, which I tried, seems to be Continue reading

The world’s quickest soup?

Other than instant soup, quite possibly…

If, like me, you’re disabled and appreciate tasty food with minimal preparation, then you might like this.

Smoked Haddock & Butterbean Soup

I used to make this from scratch – the whole nine yards, including soaking the beans the previous night. This is much easier.

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Can’t cook? Don’t cook…

I’ve banged on at length here about eating well on a budget, but what I haven’t addressed are the problems of cooking with a disability, which are many and various, and a complete pain in the butt.

I don’t cook much, I’m not able to, so when I do cook I tend to make stews or casseroles, or robust soups, which would last me for several days. Periodically, I’ll go off whatever I’ve made, having eaten it only once, and the rest will be wasted. I’ve tried Continue reading

Eat up your greens…

Refusing to have veg with my pub meal (because it’s horrible), I was taken to task because, while I write about eating cheaply, I don’t mention vegetables.

There’s a reason for that – vegetables are so cheap as to fall outside my cheapness parameters (my only advice here would be to buy decent potatoes – very cheap ones are horrible). That, and because an awful lot of people don’t like them.

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Cheap food again…

After reading Nigel Slater, in today’s Observer magazine, extolling the virtues of the fattier and bonier cuts of lamb in a casserole, I was amazed, when I got to Sainsbury’s, to find they had loads of the stuff on sale, in portions of around a kilo for a little over £4. You needed to exercise a little care selecting your pack (if you’re a fussy bugger like me), as some were far Continue reading

A balanced diet – is it a myth?

In the Guardian, their resident doc was asked by a parent for advice about her six-year-old, suddenly wanting to be a vegetarian – should she feed him vitamin supplements? Amazingly, these days, the doc trotted out the official line about nobody needing vitamins when they get a balanced diet. The doc also said that 6 was too young to make a reasoned choice about becoming a veggie, and the mother should Continue reading

Ron’s minestrone soup…

If you’re wondering why I’ve posted a soup recipe, I was asked to post it on Facebook, but it’s too long, so I’ve posted it here and linked to it.

Minestrone soup with pork sausages.

1 large onion, diced

3 medium carrots, chopped

1 small celery heart, finely chopped (leaves reserved), or two sticks, de-stringed with a potato peeler)

2 baby green cabbages, or half a small Savoy, trimmed and shredded (the baby cabbage has a more delicate flavour)

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