Generic Salbutamol – some thoughts…

I forgot to cover, when I wrote the post about why Ventolin might not be effective, the question of generic Salbutamol.

This, of course, is NOT Ventolin, and from long experience of the stuff, I can tell you with absolute certainty that IT IS NOT AS GOOD AS VENTOLIN. I don’t care what NICE claim – it simply is not as effective.

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Why does Ventolin never help me?

That’s a question from my search-engine list. First of all, a little information. Ventolin, the brand name of the Salbutamol inhaler, is the gold standard for inhalers. It is used in hospitals for spirometry testing, and for the more complex Pulmonary Function Laboratory tests.

The way to tell if Ventolin really isn’t helping is to get your doctor to run a spirometry test before and after using your inhaler, bearing in mind that you need to wait 20 minutes after taking it, or use your own peak flow meter.

There are several reasons why Ventolin may not help, not the least being misdiagnosis of asthma.

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