Interfering GP . . .

My GP telephoned me a couple of weeks ago saying he was cutting my Phyllocontin Continus by half, as he had been advised by the consultant at APH that the full dose was toxic.

I pointed out that the toxicity was based on blood tests that were now 4 months old and, when they were done I had lost a huge amount of weight – 31kg – which resulted in an effective overdose, hence the apparent toxicity. I had now regained much of that weight, had no reason to suspect that the full dose was still toxic, and would appreciate Continue reading

Problems with Diltiazem…

I’ve recently had a run-in with exfoliating dermatitis. For those of you lucky enough to have missed out, it’s a lumpy, blotchy scarlet, rash which itches ferociously and sheds scaly skin like a dead carp.

I got a GP out (not mine, one of the good guys), and he prescribed an emollient and a steroid ointment, neither of which, in the short term, did anything beyond making me Continue reading