Leg report – I’m doomed…


Not done a leg report for a long time – there’s probably a limited market for gross photos!

Things, though, are going very bad, very fast – I have two bleeding and infected ulcers in my leg that are getting worse by the day. The bleeding, I’m told, is “a good sign”. Colour me unconvinced. The bleeding is likely to provide an avenue for infection to enter my system, resulting in septicaemia – in what possible way is that good?

This is what greeted me when I took my sock off.

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Life – it’s not a dress-rehearsal, and no-one gets out alive.

I know this is going to be controversial so, please, I’d ask you to think about it, rather than just react and post a snotty comment. Constructive comments, though, are very welcome.


This was written primarily from the perspective of a Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME), sufferer (that’s me), though it applies equally to other chronic illnesses, especially my COPD, the precursors of which I have had all my life (Ron’s Rants passim). For US readers, ME = CFS.

The following extracts are from an article in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Volume 61, Issue 5 , November 2006, “Well-being in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: The role of acceptance.”

They reflect, and endorse, insofar as it relates to chronic illness and pain, the philosophy – if that’s not too grandiloquent a term – by which I’ve tried to live my life:-

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