Home-made Pork Sausages…

Yesterday, Saturday, I worked my nuts off, making a batch of sausage meat with meat sourced online, from Steadman’s of Sedbergh, instead of my usual Sainsbury’s pork. The same cuts, boned pork shoulder and sliced pork belly, and broadly the same price – but vastly superior.

I’ve complained before, here, about the wetness of Sainsbury’s meat, but the squishiness of it does make it very easy to run through the mincer. Steadman’s meat, in contrast, once some superficial bloodiness had been washed off, was excellent – firm muscle, without a trace of wetness. In fact, Continue reading

Making Lamb and Rosemary Sausages.

My second sausage-making session went very well, and the results look impressive. I’m sure they’ll taste equally good (I have confidence in me!).

Click to view full size, Back to return. The individual sausages are made with the meat left in the filling machine’s outlet, filled by hand. The rest need linking, which will tighten up the apparently slack casing.

You need:- Continue reading

Kenwood Chef Mincer attachment – treat with caution…

I use a Kenwood Chef Classic for the grunt-work mixing when making bread, and very good it is too. However, buying a mincer accessory for it some months ago was a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine for a bit of casual mincing – say converting braising steak to mince – but for anything more ambitious, forget it.

Part of the problem is that the mincer is poorly designed and clogs all too easily. The only way to reduce this problem Continue reading

Honey and mustard sausage update…

Most of my sausages are in the freezer, frozen in packs of three (enough for one portion), and the left-over meat (that had been retained in the filling machine’s innards), I made into patties. I ate those yesterday and I have to say they’re very nice (I gave a few sausages to a friend, and they were very well received too). And if anyone is worried about the beer, don’t be. There are only 3 tablespoons to over 2kg of meat, and anyway the alcohol cooks off, making the recipe perfectly safe for recovering alcoholics. I could have used water to thin the honey, but I have an aversion to using ingredients that don’t contribute to the finished result, no matter in how small a way. If the beer really worries you, use water, but it’s your loss.

This is entirely my own recipe, by the way. Don’t ask me to explain it – I can’t – but I have a Continue reading

Making Honey and Mustard Sausages…

Back in May I tried writing this up in real time (ish). I crashed, and so did the project. Among much else – for those who don’t know me – I have ME/CFS, and sausage-making requires two good days in succession, which is quite a rare event. For a normally fit person it can all be done in one day.


Honey and Wholegrain Mustard Sausages. Continue reading

Japanese food at home, and home-made sausages…

Japanese Food.

I’ve had an urge to experiment with Japanese food of late, not least because one of my online contacts, is heavily into it at Tess’s Japanese Kitchen. I want to try two recipes for stewed soya beans here and here.

These recipes have two major attractions. One, I never succeeded in making soya beans palatable, back in my veggie days, and these recipes look as if they might get me past that and, two, neither recipe is heavy on prep work, my weak spot as I can’t stand for long.

It mean. of course, that I’d need to Continue reading

Making Honey and Mustard Sausages in real time – sort of…

OK, I think we’ll do this thing in real time again – if nothing else, it helps keep me focussed.

13.15 May 1st 2011

My first job, just completed, was to make some rusk (breadcrumbs). Six thick slices, taken from one of my own loaves as soon as it was cool (trust me, don’t use stale bread), were dried on the radiator. They were then put into a plastic bag and belaboured with a rolling pin to break them up. I’ve just now completed the process by putting the pieces (breaking up any big pieces), into a blender, a handful at a time, and reducing them to crumbs (with a food processor, you could do this all in one go – I don’t have one). If you run your (clean!) fingers through the finished crumbs, you’ll find Continue reading

Home sausage making in real time – more or less…

Right now I have a bowl of sausage meat that looks rather good.

It started with a bowl of cubed, spiced and seasoned (no salt yet), pork, a mix of belly and shoulder, flavoured with white pepper, nutmeg and mace, with a little sage, that I processed yesterday.

You’ll have to take my word for that. I know I promised photos, but it isn’t possible to set up my camera in the kitchen and still have room to work – I have an available  floor area of 28” x 34” – there’s barely room for me.

So, what I’ve done so far is Continue reading