Chronicles of the Heart, Part 38 – Cardiology fubar…

Yes, boys and girls, there was a cock-up after all… And my feeling that this was a doctor who really wasn’t paying attention has been amply born out.

Example – I wear a fishing vest when using my manual chair – these are cut short, so they don’t snag on the wheels, making them ideal. Mine is made by the Ron Thompson company – the name is embroidered on the front and, in my view, clearly a logo. The consultant, displaying the fact that he was as sharp as a banana, asked if that was my middle name!

I have another fishing vest with the maker’s name on a pocket flap – would this stupid bugger have asked me, had I worn that one, if my name was really Crazy River?

Someone else asked me if the anti-tip wheels were to aid me in going backwards (how, ffs?) – this in a bloody hospital, where you’d expect wheelchairs to be commonplace!

I said last time that he’d prescribed Continue reading


The proper Arrowe Park Hospital Update…

Er, oops…

So used am I to being sidelined and ignored by APH, I’ve just sat here and fumed for two weeks, while their email has sat in Sky’s goddamned spam filter since the 14th. (After writing the previous post, I went to have my occasional clearout, and there it was – pity there’s no way to kill the damn filter, it’s more trouble than it’s worth and it can’t be trained.)

Retrieved and replied to, as under:- Continue reading

Response to Arrowe Park, who won’t be happy. Too damn bad!

I’m writing in response to Ms. Gxxxxx’s letter of  June 7th.

Before I go any further I should like to put on record the fact that I deeply resent her allegation that my “relationship” (I don’t think one appointment followed by having all my correspondence ignored for 4 months counts as any sort of relationship – quite the opposite), has broken down on my part. Rather, Dr. Newall effectively terminated any “relationship” by his neglect.

That suggests very strongly that my complaint has been binned without even going through the normal procedure. Frankly, I expected nothing different.

I also take an extremely dim view of Continue reading

Yet another letter from Arrowe Park Hospital…

Oh look, I have another letter from Arrowe Park Hospital, this time about my complaint and guess what? It’s my fault! No surprise there, then.

I am, however, less than impressed by their claim that my relationship with Newall has broken down on my part – the bastard bloody well ignored and neglected me for 4 months – just how the hell is that my fault? And they’re still sticking to their no tests, no meds schtick, and I still don’t see that as anything but blackmail. It is perfectly possible to medicate the baseline condition without tests as, indeed, they were willing to do when I was an inpatient.

Here’s the relevant extract:- Continue reading

Medical blackmail…

My cardiologist, as you can see in this post, has said that he will only prescribe for my heart condition (heart failure and aortic valve calcification and stenosis, the latter not being amenable to medical treatment at all), if I submit to a series of diagnostic tests, which is blackmail.

One of the tests is overnight oxygen level monitoring, which might possibly be useful, and a 24-hour, mobile ECG is probably futile because I’m simply not mobile, and one which is positively dangerous. That one is Continue reading

A bizarre letter from my cardiologist…

I got the following letter from  my cardio arsehole. It arrived yesterday, it’s dated May 10 and says it was printed May 18 – taken 19 days to get here! Why do I doubt that those dates are accurate?

He purports to be replying to mine of May7, but no apology for the delay at all, and he refers to items which were not in that letter, but in my letter of  complaint.

(Note: Given the time it’s taken this letter to get to me, I might have been Continue reading

The Arrowe Park Hospital Neglect ends now…

This is the text of my latest email to APH:-

Let me explain this as simply as possible. The crux of my complaint is that Dr. Newall has done absolutely nothing for me, in terms of treating my condition, which is potentially life-threatening, in 4 months.

I have read two research papers on the subject of aortic valve calcification and stenosis, and heart failure, and which take into account my symptom set (none of which is improved Continue reading

Arrowe Park Hospital – further down the pan…

This is their reply to my protest that taking two bloody months to resolve my complaint is ludicrous:-

Thank you for your email.  I have spoken with the Lead Nurse for the Division of Medicine and he has read your recent email.  As your complaint is fairly complex it was decided to give a period of 45 days for investigations.  As I gave you a date of 35 working days  we will of course aim to complete investigations by the 13.07.12.

I apolgise for any inconvenience caused.


And they can’t even be arsed to hit the spellcheck button, a major discourtesy in my book.** Nor can they count Continue reading

Arrowe Park Hospital fiasco rumbles on…

Thank you for your reply, but I’m deeply perturbed to see that it’s going to take 2 months to resolve this fiasco – what happened to 35 days (as per your original email)?

Arguably the main reason for my complaint is that my condition is treatable (manageable, not curable), and yet it has not been. It would take roughly Continue reading