The trouble with mobility scooters is…

…disinformation and bigotry.

On May 2, the Guardian published an article, by Amelia Gentleman, called The trouble with mobility scooters.

I took exception to some of the content, and on Twitter I expressed the opinion that I expected better of Ms. Gentleman. The result, after an exchange of tweets with Ms. Gentleman, which Twitter, in its usual inept way, has lost/deleted, is what follows – somewhat delayed, I’m afraid, but it’s been a bad week health-wise. For that reason, too, it’s not my best work. Sorry about that, but not a lot I can do.

There’s much I didn’t respond to in the original, but that’s because Continue reading

Self-image on a mobility scooter…

An unusual item from my search engine list – “Worried how I look on a mobility scooter”.

Only one sensible thing I can say to that. Why?

Why should you care what other people, especially total strangers, think? It’s of no consequence, and if you need a scooter, that’s all that matters.

There will always be some who Continue reading