The trouble with mobility scooters is…

…disinformation and bigotry.

On May 2, the Guardian published an article, by Amelia Gentleman, called The trouble with mobility scooters.

I took exception to some of the content, and on Twitter I expressed the opinion that I expected better of Ms. Gentleman. The result, after an exchange of tweets with Ms. Gentleman, which Twitter, in its usual inept way, has lost/deleted, is what follows – somewhat delayed, I’m afraid, but it’s been a bad week health-wise. For that reason, too, it’s not my best work. Sorry about that, but not a lot I can do.

There’s much I didn’t respond to in the original, but that’s because Continue reading

Mobility scooters and staying warm…

Not done this for a long time, because nothing new has appeared, but this is from my search-engine slush pile – “warm covers for disabled scooters”.

Only one sensible answer – don’t even think about it!

A variety of voluminous, often fleece-lined “garments” are available to cover both rider and machine, and all Continue reading

A waterproof jacket for mobility scooter use…

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got waterproofs, but on my scooter they don’t fasten closely enough around the neck to keep heavy rain out. So, as we might be in a for a wet summer – depending on which set of “experts” you believe it’s either going to be horribly cold and wet, or it’s going to be the “barbeque summer” we were promised and didn’t get last year – I’ve bought Continue reading

Mobility scooter clothing, and stuff…

In this post I wrote about clothing for mobility scooter wear. In addition to what I have already – waterproofs and a load of fleeces, thermals, gloves  and warm socks – I’ve just bought the following:-

A Regatta waterproof jacket.A snip at £14.99 – stocks are low, so if you want one, act quickly. I already have waterproofs, but this is Continue reading