Fat people, and the language of oppression…

The language of the anti-fat brigade is, at heart, the time-worn and despicable  language of oppression. If “Jew” or “Black” was substituted for fat or obese in their all too frequent attacks, these people would probably be arrested. The Evening Standard, below, for example, should surely have been busted for inciting public disorder, but it wasn’t, because even the government sees fat people as a legitimate target, unworthy of the protection extended to other minority groups. Indeed, they’re not slow, themselves, to join in the persecution, as Jonathan Porritt, the government’s chief fuckwit green advisor, has even, bizarrely, accused fat people of causing global warming, which rather makes me wonder if he actually has both oars in the water. Odd, really, since our PM isn’t exactly a paragon of slenderness. Rather, a portly, jowly, sod with a butt like a taxi with both doors open. It’s worth noting, too, that the lad Porritt is not exactly lacking in the chins department.

Nuffield Health has, today, launched yet another attack, in a study claiming that we’re not taking obesity seriously enough (they certainly are – the buggers make a Continue reading


The disabled and the fat – the underclass of Britain in the 21st century…

You know, I’m awfully tired of people bitching and whining about fat people, and regarding us as if we were on a par with axe murderers or rapists, and disabled people are treated little better. Get some perspective, you whiny bastards!

From that, you’ll have gathered that I am one of the aforementioned fat people, and disabled, too, but consider this. Yesterday, I ate a can of Baxter’s tomato soup for lunch, in the evening I had a can of Heinz macaroni cheese, with a spoonful of grated Parmesan tossed in, plus some home-made pickled beetroot, and before going to bed I had one slice of Warburton’s stoneground wholemeal bread with Clover and Sandwich Spread, and that was a Continue reading