COPD meds and potassium deficiency…

For over 20 years I’ve had serious problems with arrhythmias, tachycardia and occasional bouts of angina, though an angiography showed my coronary plumbing to be pristine. While researching another article for COPD meds I came across a nugget of information Continue reading

Clenil Modulite Problems…

Note, December 2 2008 – see also this page, which is more important.


For those of you who don’t have COPD, this may seem a bit gross, as it discusses sputum quality in COPD.

I mentioned, previously, that I thought that Clenil Modulite increased sputum production, and I’m now certain it does. This is not a good thing.

I rely greatly on the taste of my sputum as an early warning of a developing infection, to which those of us with COPD are prone, as experience has shown that the earlier an infection is treated with antibiotics, the more effective the treatment is. This is particularly important since GPs, as a result of the paranoia surrounding the use of antibiotics, tend to prescribe inadequate quantities – 7 days worth frequently isn’t enough, once an infection has become well established. However, since CM is hideously sweet, that’s all I can taste. That’s not only unhelpful, it’s potentially dangerous .

For the record, CM, in addition to its active ingredient (Beclometasone dipropionate), also contains two forms of alcohol, ethanol and glycerol, the latter presumably responsible for its sweetness (Beclometasone has never been in need of sweetening before, and the propellant is widely used, so that doesn’t need sweetening, so what’s going on?). This prompts a question, as the alcohol contained in the drug pretty much goes straight into the blood stream, how much does it contribute to blood alcohol levels? Admittedly, the amount of ethanol is small (13%), though no information is given for the glycerol, but it must have some effect, no matter how slight, yet an assiduous search of Google, using several search parameters, came up blank. The information must surely be somewhere, though – I can’t believe it’s simply been ignored.


Back on the subject of alcohol, I have a fondness for beer and, of late, I’ve been getting remarkably drunk without actually drinking any more then usual (normally, I would just get a little blurred around the edges). Yesterday, for example, the pub had a rather good, if quite weak, beer (I’m not one of those macho pillocks who only drinks strong beer – how it tastes is far more important), and yet I was extraordinarily drunk. Not dysfunctional in any way, but way drunker than I should have been. I’m either developing an intolerance to alcohol or it’s another factor, and the only thing that’s different is Clenil Modulite – I always take a dose when I’m out. Very strange.

Er, I was wromg about my inhaler – see comments…