DLA, PIP, and, once again, the purging of the Chronically Sick and Disabled…

Yep, once again – because this is a problem that isn’t going to go away and will only get worse while this government remains in power.

Disagreeable Weasel has an excellent post about the PIP Draft Assessment Criteria document here. This is my response (also posted there, in a shorter form, in the comments, though as I write it’s still awaiting moderation).

And if anyone is wondering why I’ve been so quite on the subject, it’s simply because I have had my own problems lately – in spades!

The reason the PIP consultation doc is so, well, let’s be honest, shite, is that it’s based on ESA, and we all know how successful that’s been.

ESA is Continue reading

Chronically sick and disabled? The purge continues…

Benefits and Work is banging on about the government checking up on the spending habits of benefit claimants. I don’t see how.

People like me, who, for example, bought wide-screen TVs while on IB (in my case with my overdraft!), will be in the records (you buy a TV, the store has to report it to the TV licensing people), but I really don’t see what else they can know about.

And if information about the spending habits of the public is recorded in detail, by Continue reading