Anti-candida diets are rubbish – official…

Those who have mentioned to me, in the past, their adherence to sugar and yeast-free diets to combat candida and thus help their ME, will have seen me explode with exasperation, because it’s complete nonsense – there has never been the slightest medical evidence in support of this.

Now, at last, someone has proved it’s nonsense. The research, which was carried out by experts at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, involved 52 patients who either followed the low-sugar, low-yeast ‘anti-candida’ diet or a normal diet for 24 weeks.

Analysis revealed that there was no apparent difference in levels of fatigue, mood state or quality of life between the two dietary groups.

Lead researcher Rhona Hobday, who is a registered dietician, said that there has been little clinical research into the benefits of a low-sugar, low-yeast diet until now.

‘People with chronic fatigue should adopt a varied and well balanced diet known to optimise and protect health rather than unproven and complicated diets,’ she said, adding that, too often, people are advised to follow diets ‘for which there is no evidence of benefit’.

So to all those parasites who peddle quack diets to the ME community I have only one thing to say – bugger off and get a proper job!

If, though, you do have candida (or think you do – this won’t harm you if you’re wrong), this is my remedy for candidiasis. It works, and I have no axe to grind, I’m not selling anything, nor do I have any interest in the products recommended.