What I’m reading today, November 23…

Still tediously crawling through Francis Parkman’s The Oregon Trail (Kindle), and, god, it’s dull. As far as I can see there was no reason for this ill-equipped and ill-considered expedition other than Parkman’s obsession with the Plains Indians, whom he tended to regard as rather lethal children. I’m amazed he survived.

Pretty sure he was gay, too, given that he rhapsodises Continue reading

What I’m reading right now – part of an occasional series…

All on my Kindle. Currently I have nothing on paper to be read, which was the idea since, as I’ve said, I’m running out of book space. I’ve always read a lot but, since getting the Kindle, I seem to be reading a lot more than I have been in recent years, and the think might have been designed expressly for reading in bed.

The Mighty Dead, by William Gault, the title is from James Thomson’s The Seasons (1730). Set, oh, about now, I suppose, as it was written in the 50s, and posits the rise to power of a semi-literate US senator who successfully gets a bill pushed through banning any form of reading, writing, printing and publishing, on the grounds that it disturbed people, spread dissent and variously undermined society (and, of course, showed him in a very poor light).

The tale centres on a Continue reading