Need to reduce your salt intake? Try this…

Looking for a way to reduce my salt intake – my current heart meds won’t allow me to use the usual suspects, like LoSalt, as the buggerdly things concentrate potassium to toxic levels**, and LoSalt is two-thirds potassium chloride – I had a flash of inspiration.

**Update, June 19, 2012: As things turned out, they don’t. What I have is one drug that allegedly concentrates potassium, versus 4 drugs which I know cause potassium depletion, leaving me dangerously short, and my heart would clatter along like a broken sludge-pump. Reintroducing potassium – I’ve covered it in detail elsewhere – at 100mg a day stabilises my heart very nicely.

Towards the end of last year, I bought some dried vegetables, which didn’t work out too well in the state in which they came. However, reduced to a powder, and used as flavouring agents, they’re proving to be remarkably versatile, adding flavour without the additional salt of a stock cube.

So where’s the inspiration, I hear you ask? Well Continue reading