Amazon Kindle – a reading aid for the disabled?

As regular readers will have noticed, I’ve ordered an Amazon Kindle, delivery due around the end of the month. I bought it for two reasons – I’m running out of space for books, and it’s becoming difficult and painful for me to hold books, particularly heavy ones, and it’s the latter that I’ve been thinking about.

My previous Kindle post is here.

The Kindle, would be useful, even valuable, to those Continue reading

I’ve gone over to the dark side – and ordered a Kindle…

Note: as happened with words like e-mail and on-line, e-book and e-reader are rapidly losing their hyphens, which is the format I’ve opted for here. Interestingly, the Word spell-checker recognises ebook, but not ereader.


Regular readers will know that I feel that ereaders are very much a solution in search of a problem, and that many ebooks are overpriced. No way is there any justification for Continue reading